Property Shoots & Inspection Services

Property Shoots & Inspection Services

Property Shoots & Inspection Services

Property Shoots

At Dorset Drone Shoots, we offer exceptional property shoot services tailored for real-estate agents, property developers, and homeowners who want to captivate their audience with stunning visuals. 

With high-definition 4K aerial footage, we'll take potential buyers on a virtual tour, providing them with a comprehensive view of the property's exterior and its breath taking surroundings. By highlighting the outdoor features and capturing views from above, we help buyers envision the endless possibilities your property offers.

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A bespoke digital experience

But we offer more than that. The power to explore and showcase property like never before: A unique digital experience

A webpage or shareable hyperlink featuring 3D property models overlaid on Google Maps, complete with local points of interest and embedded company branding. Harness the power of our unique aerial visuals and digital weblink for your business and receive:

  • Bespoke 360° 3D property models on Google Maps with added local points of interest.
  • A single web link, embeddable on your site, featuring your brand logo and contact details.
  • Embedded PDF property brochure, photo gallery, property video, and augmented reality capability.
  • Full hosting and support.

Explore our Property Weblink Demos and Property Weblink Video to see our capabilities in action:

Property Weblink Demo

Weblink Explainer Video

Don't settle for ordinary photos; let our drone videos and photography elevate your property listing to new heights. Experience the future of real-estate marketing with Dorset Drone Shoots. Contact us today to schedule a property shoot and unlock the true potential of your property.

Property and Development Inspection and Survey

Our drones are invaluable assets in detailed property inspections, surveys and crucially, in supporting planning permission applications. We conduct comprehensive visual inspections of otherwise inaccessible areas, ensuring both safety and thoroughness.

Many councils are now looking for drone images as part of the planning process and we provide this service for planning permission applications to both BCP and Dorset Planning Councils among others.

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